Ways to Repair Alligator Cracking

There are some asphalt driveway crack repair solutions for when fatigue cracking sets in. However, since fatigue cracking is a form of major damage, property owners are more limited in the steps they can take.
Repair the Subgrade: When alligator cracking is present it means that the foundation of the asphalt is not able to withstand the pressure or traffic that is being applied to it. The only way to fully correct the problem is to repair the subgrade, strengthening the foundation. Repairing only the asphalt surface will not work, as the problem stems from the asphalt’s base.
Crack Filling and Sealing: Crack filling and sealing can be used as a temporary solution to prevent water from seeping into the asphalt and degrading the ground beneath. Sealing does nothing to rectify the problem, but it simply helps prevent the damage from getting worse. Crack filling and sealing can be a helpful solution until more serious repairs can be performed.
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