If I tried a “do-it-yourself” sealcoat and it went horribly wrong, can Premier Paving help fix it?

  • Many off-the-shelf sealcoating products have been formulated to withstand sitting on a store shelf for an extended period of time. As a result, these products cannot match the quality and durability of the products and types of sealer that Premier Paving uses. We custom mix our sealers with the appropriate additives, and our material is kept in a suspended state of frequent mixing; something store brands are not able to offer. I have seen driveways where an attempt by a homeowner went badly and we were asked to see what we can do – with mixed results. As we have no control over the chemical makeup of the material the homeowner used, we can’t guarantee against a reaction between their sealer and ours, and any adhesion issues that may result.
  • I have also seen homeowner attempts where their sealer never fully cures and remains a little tacky, which can be an major issue. To these homeowners, I often recommend having the Premier Paving team come in and sealing over the top in hopes that there are no issues (most of the time there is not an issue), but there needs to be an understanding that we can’t guarantee against a reaction, but will do our best.