Sealcoating your parking lot helps preserves the life of your asphalt. It blocks water from its way down through the asphalt. When water gets into the asphalt it begins to break it down and cause further issues. With the consistent rain we have in Washington, it’s important to sealcoat parking lots to ensure your are getting the longest life from your asphalt as possible.
When it comes to the application and life of sealcoat, several factors affect to the timeline. Sealcoating season varies from year to year, but it is generally May through September. This is due to the consistent temperatures above 60 degrees. This allows the sealcoat to dry and ensure your parking lot isn’t shut down for days. We generally suggest that cars remain off of the sealcoat for 24 hours after application. Another significant factor in the life of sealcoat is the preparation of the lot prior to sealcoat. We will either dry clean your lot or pressure clean before sealcoat. We do this to remove the prevalent moss on lots in Washington. Sealcoating over moss will significantly reduce the life of sealcoat to one or two years. When the lot is properly prepped the sealcoat will last four to five years depending on traffic. Our goal is to make sure your budget is spent in a manner that gives you the longest return on your investment.