Five Safety Tips for Asphalt Paving

Here are 5 safety tips for Asphalt Paving:

Take Precaution Getting On And Off Equipment: Did you know that getting off and on the machines is the number one cause of injury to equipment operators? When it comes to moving a piece of equipment like a paver, make sure you’re mounting and exiting the machine properly. First, check your boots and gloves. Next use a threw-point stance going and coming. Be sure to use a step ladder for access when no hand or foot grips are provided. Avoid carry objects while climbing. When exiting the machines, correct practice is to lower yourself in a controlled manner. Never jump!

Do Not Crowd The Work Area: Stay clear of all machines in motion. People on the ground must stay well away from the machine operating area. It is always important to give a warning sound for when you are ready to start working and using the machine. Use the horn to warn people to stay back. The foreman should always check their surrounding area before backing up the machine.

Overhead/Buried Obstruction: Always be aware of overhead obstructions and underground utilities, which include; electrical lines, water, sewer, gas, telecom, etc.. To indicate obstructions use signs, barrier tape, etc..

Loading And Unloading Equipment: Even on flat ground there is always a risk of machine roll-over during loading or unloading. Always use a spotter for guidance. Be sure to keep people away from the sides of the machine while loading and unloading. Use proper tie-down procedures.

Properly Secure Paving Area: Ample lighting should always be present in the work zone. All crew members should wear proper reflective safety gear. Contractors should devise temporary traffic control plans.


Asphalt Contractor May 2017 by Jessica Stoikes, Associate Editor