What do you base your paving recommendation on?

  • I take a good look at the cracking on the driveway and whether or not the driveway drainage mechanics are working properly. Significant cracking of the pavement underneath allows water into the base, which in turn accelerates cracking during freeze-thaw times of the year. On the drainage mechanics, I look to see if the driveway is draining properly and not allowing drainage towards foundations, doors, or other undesirable places. If I see either of these things, I recommend a new driveway to cure the issues.
  • If the driveway has the alligatoring effect where just the sealcoat has that cracked glazed pottery look, a sealcoat will merely make everything nice and black again, but the effect will still be there once the sealcoat has been completed. This type of cracked-pottery alligatoring effect has no effect on the structural integrity of the driveway and is merely cosmetic in nature. If cosmetics of the drive are of significant importance to the home or business owner, I recommend a new driveway.