Advice and quick tips for a homeowner with a weathered asphalt driveway

  • Definitely. Call for an estimate to a reputable contractor stating that you have a weathered driveway and would appreciate suggestions on what the best, cost-effective course of action would be. So much depends on the visual inspection of the driveway by the estimator. A weathered asphalt driveway (depending on the needs and wants of the customer) could basically be left alone until budget allows for a new driveway. It could only require crack filling to protect it from the harmful effects of freeze/thaw (if cosmetics are not a high priority but function is), or the driveway could be crack filled and sealcoated to bring it as close to the appearance of a new driveway as possible- again. So much is up to the inspection by the estimator and conversation with the home or business owner.
  • The single biggest tip is to never ever have a person/company travelling through the neighborhood offering to service your driveway work on your driveway because they “have extra material and will give you a great price”- whether it be sealcoating or actual paving or patching. Do your homework and check out the contractor ahead of time. Diluted sealcoat or substandard paving materials are the norm with these types of offers, and if and when you have a problem the chance of receiving any support or solutions is a long shot.
  • Check your prospective contractor out and see how receptive they are to customer concerns down the line. Concerns and problems happen with any contractor in any line of work, the key is how they are treated once they arise. It’s time well spent.